We ask the parents and players to read our Code of Conduct. These concepts are based on FIFA’s Fair Play.

1) Respect the Rules
2) Respect for all participants, including team-mates, coaches and opponents
3) Respect for the referees and their decisions
4) Maintaining self-control at all times

All members of the St. George Soccer Club must follow the Code of Conduct at all times. Failure to comply will result in action being taken.

As a player, we know you want to win your game and have fun doing it. As a player, you have a big part to play in our club. Please respect the Code of Conduct. Players must:
Play by the rules of the game
Respect the referee and their decisions
Be fair
Encourage teammates
Treat coaches with respect
There is a zero-tolerance of profanity, temper tantrums, or violent behavior
Shake hands with the referee and the other team at the end of the game
Be gracious when you win or lose.

We expect all spectators to:
Be a great example for your child
Good sportsmanship is not just for players and coaches, we need it off the field as well.
Respect for the referees’ decisions
Zero tolerance for offensive, insulting or abusive language. Referees can have an offensive parent removed from the field.
Avoid conflict with parents from the other team
Let the coaches be the coach.
Remember that children play for FUN
If you have ideas or issues, please communicate with your coach.
Encourage your children to respect the opposition and match officials
Never criticize a player for making a mistake; mistakes are part of learning

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