1.1 Each individual Club is responsible for their registration of players.

2.1 Players in the senior year in their Division shall be allowed to request, in writing, to play up in the next Division provided a waiver has been signed by parent/guardian at the time of registration. Placement is subject to available space.
2.2 Placement of a player in a Division different from the one for which he/she qualifies, shall only be made on an exception basis (i.e. special needs), and only at the discretion of the Twin Rivers Soccer League Executive.

3.1 All house league teams that play in Twin Rivers League will be limited to 18 players for divisions U12 to U21. U10 will be limited to 13 players. Twin Rivers Soccer Executive may allow more than 18 players (or 13 players depending upon the division) depending on registration numbers.
3.2 All registered house league players will be divided into equal teams, based on age, gender, and if available, skills rating. This will be handled by the Division Convener for each individual Club.
3.3 Prior to the commencement of the season, each Club should review their teams for equal distribution of players and relative team parity. If deemed necessary, each Club could transfer players within the first 3 weeks of the season to achieve such parity.
3.4 Immediate family members of the same divisional age will be placed on the same team except where leagues are split into boys and girls. Coaches and their children will automatically be placed on the same team.

4.1 Transfers of players, instigated at the request of the player or parent/guardian prior to the first scheduled league game, shall be handled by each individual Club.

5.1 All house league games will be played at fields designated by each Club involved in the Twin Rivers Soccer League.
5.2 All games must be sanctioned by the Scheduler or the League Coordinator. Any unsanctioned game is null and void.
5.3 All games should start on time; otherwise the Referee shall commence play as soon after scheduled start time as 7 players for each team are available for U12 to U21 divisions or 6 players for each team in the U10 division.
5.4 A game shall be declared forfeit if a team cannot start the game with a minimum of 7 players for U12 to U21 and 6 players for U10 within a grace period of 15 minutes past scheduled game time; and the game shall be awarded to their opponents by a score of 5-0. If both teams cannot field the minimum number of players, the game shall be double defaulted and no points will be awarded.
5.5 Number of players on the field:
U12 through to U21:
a) teams that show up with 7 players, opposing team can play up to 9
b) teams that show up with 8 players, opposing team can play up to 10
c) teams that show up with 9 players, opposing team can play up to 11
d) teams that show up with 10 players, opposing team can play up to 11
e) Tournament play: minimum to play game is 7 players, opposing team can play up to 11
a) teams that show up with 6 players, opposing team can play up to 7 players
b) teams that show up with 7 players, opposing team can play up to 8 players
5.6 All games have field priority over practices. All practicing coaches and players must leave the field at least 20 minutes prior to a scheduled game commencing on that field.
5.7 The referee will input the game scores into the power-up computer system.
5.8 All coaches are to coach their teams from the designated coach’s box.
5.9 All team officials must be written on the game sheet prior to the game (max of 2 coaches per team and rostered players). Anyone not listed on the game sheet must sit on the opposite side of the field.
5.10 Ball sizes and game durations are as follows:
Length of Game Ball Sizes
U21: 2X45 minute halves #5
U17: 2X40 minute halves #5
U14: 2X35 minute halves #5
U12: 2X30 minute halves #5
U10: 2X25 minute halves #4
5.11 No slide tackles allowed (a ball challenge that involves another player) for the safety and well-being of all players.
5.12 All games must have a coach present and managing each team on the field. A game must not commence if team does not have a coach. The team will be given a grace period of 15 minutes past scheduled game time for a coach to show up, after which time the game will be forfeit with the opposing team scoring 5-0. Should both teams not have coaches zero points will be awarded. A substitute coach may step in, who can be a parent volunteer, another coach or person over the age 18 who is not member of said team.
5.13 If at any time a coach or a referee feels that a game is becoming too aggressive in a way that has potential to become violent, whereas injury to a player either by malicious intent or otherwise, the referee or a coach may remove the players from the field. Should this occur, it will be brought to the Twin Rivers Executive board members for review within 48 hours of the game. Until the board has reviewed and assessed the events of the game no score will be awarded.

6.1 All Twin Rivers League players shall play at least half (50%) of every scheduled game including tournaments, playoffs & championship games, except by reason of injury preventing 50% minimum participation. A coach may sit out’ a player for disciplinary purposes, but must report action on the game sheet.
6.2 All players playing in Twin Rivers League listed on the game sheet before the game starts are entitled to play, whenever they arrive at the field, for the remaining duration of the game. However, when a coach removes a player from the game sheet and replaces them with a call up, the removed player is no longer eligible to play the game. If the coach has not completed the game sheet within 15 minutes after the start of the game the game could be a forfeit.

7.1 Substitutions will be allowed at the following stoppages of play:
1) when a goal is scored
2) at any goal kick
3) at the start of the second half
4) when a player is injured (at the Referees discretion)
5) on your team’s possession throw-in
6) if possession team substitutes on a throw-in, then the opposing team may substitute as well.
7.2 In extreme cases of heat, substitutions may be made on any stoppage in play at the Referee’s discretion.

8.1 If the second half has kicked off then the score stands as the final result, if the game becomes abandoned.
8.2 When a game is abandoned (for reasons other than forfeit) with the second half not started, that game will be replayed.
8.3 In the event of an abandoned game and the second half has not started, coaches are required to notify the League Coordinator of the abandoned game within 48 hours. They will then make arrangements with the League Coordinator to reschedule the game. Failure to contact the League Coordinator within 48 hours could mean the game is forfeited, with no points awarded to either team.
8.4 A game that hadn’t started should be dealt with as in 8.3 above.
8.5 If a referee abandons a game for conduct issues, the game will not be replayed.
8.6 An abandoned game should be rescheduled to be played within 2 weeks of the original scheduled date.

9.1 No rescheduling requests by coaches can be made.
9.2 There shall be no postponed games except as follows:
a) when ordered by the Referee for reason of unsafe field, unsafe weather or crowd control
b) when ordered by the Home Team Club Executive for good & sufficient cause.

10.1 In all games, 3 points shall be awarded for a win, and 1 point each for a tie game.
10.2 In any game played a maximum goal differential that will be recorded will be 5 goals (e.g. if the winning team scored 15 goals and the losing team scored 5 goals, the recorded game score will be 10-5). This will apply to the regular season only not the play-offs.
10.3 Final regular season and play-off standings shall be determined by:
a) goals for – minus goals against for the tied teams
b) head to head for the tied teams
c) goals for, for the tied teams
d) goals against for the tied teams
e) coin toss
10.4 Should 2 or more teams finish with an equal total number of points for first place in round robin play-off standings, 10.3 a) through e) above shall apply.
10.5 If at the end of a double knock-out tournament game, a winner shall be decided by penalty kicks. Five players on each team will kick then go to sudden death penalty kicks until there is a winner. Each player must attempt a kick before that player can have a second kick. Any player can be included in the first 5 kicks; they do not have to be on the field at the end of the game. Goalies can only be changed at the end of the game and cannot switch during kicks (unless goalie is injured).
10.6 In the event that a division has an odd number of teams where one team will play one extra game during the regular season, their first game does not count towards their points total.

11.1 All players will wear current season soccer uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks) as provided by the Twin Rivers Soccer League and/or individual Club, as well as shin pads and soccer cleats, in all games. Exceptions to this rule are:
a) Goalkeepers may wear track pants
b) Sunglasses are permitted only if they are prescription and tinted.
11.2 Jewelry is not permitted.
11.3 Soft or hard casts are not permitted.
11.4 No two players on the same team will wear the same number.
11.5 Coaches are not to where a jersey the same colour as the players.

12.1 In the event a team plays an ineligible player or players, the game shall automatically be awarded to their opponents by a score of 5-0.
12.2 A player may be called up to the Division above his/her own to play only. Players can NOT be called “down” to a division below what they are currently playing under any circumstances. Call up’s can only be used from the own club’s current year registration list.
12.3 Suspended players cannot be called up.
12.4 No player can play with a club unless registered with that club; players can only register with one club within the Twin Rivers Soccer League.
12.5 A coach may call up as many players to bring his/her roster to no more than 16 players in total for U12 to U21, and 12 players total for U10. The call up must be identified on the game sheet and in the appropriate area in the game book. The regular player being replaced must be stroked off the game sheet. If the regular player decides to show up after start time and has already been stroked off the game sheet and replaced by a call up, they will not be allowed to play the game.
12.6 As of June 30th, all teams will be finalized and clubs must close registrations to Twin Rivers League.

13.1 Contact with the goalkeeper must be avoided.
13.2 If the opponent prevents keeper from putting ball in play, or raises foot to kick or attempt to kick ball in keeper’s possession, or opponent’s play is deemed dangerous (such as kicking at the keeper while they are flat on the ground), the referee’s discretion for the appropriate call could be a verbal warning up to and including an automatic red card.

14.1 Game duration, including finals, may be reduced from lengths of normally scheduled games during the season. Game duration will be provided with tournament schedules.
14.2 All other game rules will be consistent with those already described herein and those of the regular season rules.
14.3 Teams can use call-ups for tournament games as set out in rule 12.2.
14.4 A call-up can only play for one team during the tournament.

15.1 All discipline of players and team officials reported for misconduct shall be under the jurisdiction of the Twin Rivers Soccer League.
15.2 All suspensions are automatic and are from all organized soccer activities. The listed suspensions will start on the day following the game and if not increased, the player may resume activity on the day following the end of any suspension.
Red cards
• 1st Red Card = minimum 1 Game Suspension (next game)
• 2nd Red Card = minimum 2 Game Suspension (next two games)
• 3rd Red Card = Automatic suspension until appearing at a Discipline Committee meeting, such meeting to be convened within 14 days of the incident.
Yellow cards (cautions):
• 3 Yellow cards over the season (not having received a red card) = 1 Game Suspension (next game)
• 4th& 5th Yellow cards over the season = 2 Game Suspension (next 2 games)
• 6 Yellow cards over the season= Automatic Suspension until appearing at a Discipline Committee meeting, such hearing to be convened within 14 days of the incident.
NOTE: 2 yellow cards in 1 game = 1 red card and automatic next game suspension; and the 2 yellow cards still count towards the potential yellow cards suspensions as listed above.
15.3 Any cards received during regular season play, carry over to tournament play. Any suspensions received carry into tournament games.
15.4 Coaches are responsible to enforce the suspension of his or her players.
15.5 Should a player take part in a game during a period of suspension, that player will be further suspended for a period of 6 months to1 full calendar year.
15.6 Players whose names are listed on the team sheet but not on the field of play, committing any offence warranting a caution or a sendoff shall be treated as if they were actually playing.
15.7 All misconduct reports will be reviewed and further action may be taken against any player judged to have committed a serious offence, or a player who is a persistent offender. The Twin Rivers Discipline Committee will be informed and a hearing may be called.
15.8 When cards are handed out, the Referee must indicate the player(s) name and number on the game book and in the Power UP database. The Referee must then inform the Twin Rivers Soccer League Coordinator/Administrator. The league coordinator will then inform the Twin Rivers Discipline Committee if needed, following rules laid out in section 15.2.
15.9 Suspended players must be identified on game sheets and in the Team Game Books, where the suspension is being served.
15.10 Coaches ejected from a game shall receive the same punishment as for red cards as noted in Rule 15.2.
15.11 In addition to Rule 15.9, Referees will complete a Referee Special Incident Report, re: Coaches ejected from games or displaying abusive behavior, which will be sent directly to the Twin Rivers Discipline Committee to be dealt with.
15.12 If a player is dismissed during a game, that team cannot replace the player with a substitute (must play with one less player).

16.1 All appeals are under the jurisdiction of the Twin Rivers Soccer League.
16.2 Any individual affected by a decision has the right to appeal that decision. Requests for a hearing must be directed to the Twin Rivers Soccer League within 48 hours of the end of the game. The requesting of a hearing will not delay the implication of a suspension, nor will it guarantee that the hearing will be granted.
Note 1: All players making appeals will pay a hearing fee of $50. If the player wins the appeal, the hearing fee will be reimbursed.
Note 2: Appeals of referee decisions, and decisions of the Twin Rivers Discipline Committee will not be entertained.

17.1 All protests arising out of games must be sent in writing to the Club President and the Twin Rivers Soccer League Coordinator within 48 hours of the game to which they relate.
17.2 A copy of the Protest must also be provided, by the Club President to the coach of the team against which the protest is lodged, within 48 hours of the game concerned.
17.3 Protests of Referee’s decisions will not be entertained.
17.4 All other protests shall be dealt with by the Twin Rivers Soccer League Executive, at their next scheduled meeting, or at a special meeting called at the discretion of the Chairman of the Twin Rivers League Executive.
18.1 The Rules and Regulations of the Twin Rivers Soccer League may be changed at any time by a majority of votes by the League Executive at a Board meeting of the club.
19.1 Referees must be older than the division they are refereeing. ie. In a U17 game, the lead referee must be turning at least 18 during that year. In the event that a club has no other choice but to field a ref who is not of the required age, the club is to inform both coaches of the situation.
19.2 It is the responsibility of the lead referee to bring a gamesheet to every game.
19.3 The game sheet must be signed by the coaches of both teams at the end of the game only after the game results and discipline cards have been recorded.
19.4 The lead referee is responsible to copy information from the gamesheet to each of the team’s gamebooks.
19.1 All matters not included in these Rules and Regulations shall be judged in accordance with the constitutions of the Twin Rivers Soccer League.

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